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How Many Days Do I Need To Visit Bali?

Bali may be a small island, but it is super diverse in terms of culture, climate, traditions and landscapes. To get a good picture and really "live" Bali, I always recommend to foresee at least 10 days. During a 10-day trip with overnight stays in 2 or 3 different places, you can visit the most beautiful spots of the Island of the Gods and not be too rushed. In between, there is still time for a nice walk through rice fields or another adventurous activity like rafting or the hidden canyon.

Is 5 days enough to visit Bali?

Of course, even a 5-day trip to Bali is worth it.... Anything is better than nothing! If you only have 5 days, we recommend staying in a central location from where it is easy to do some nice day tours.

In that case, we would recommend staying in Ubud or Sanur.

2 or 3 Weeks in Bali

Do you have more than 10 days to visit Bali? Ideal! Even if you have 3 weeks, we're happy to plan out a customized itinerary with a combination of relaxing, cultural discoveries, local experiences, good food, extraordinary nature and of course the most beautiful rice field valleys.

That combined with some fun activities and a trip to one of the nearby islands like the Gili's or Nusa's and your holiday in Bali will fly by in no time!

It's really true: Bali is ideal for both short and long trips.

Bali has something for everyone

Bali has so much to offer and is so varied that there is literally something for everyone: young or old, beach goer or adventurous traveler, culture lover or shop fanatic, party animal or lazy dude, families or solo travelers... you are guaranteed to have an amazing vacation on this island.


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